About GTT

Getting accepted into a top university is an amazing feat. With tens of thousands of capable and accomplished high school seniors around the globe applying to each top institution every year, it is easy to believe that standing out among the stiff competition is equal parts academic preparation and luck.

While there may be some truth to this, at GTT we believe that with robust college advisory services, we can tilt the odds in your favour. With personal insight into what college admissions officers look for in prospective students, we have developed a method to consulting services that focuses on whole person development.

Our 360° College Consulting Program is the standard in college consulting. Focusing on academic coaching, passion development, leadership enhancement and community service, we ensure that all our students are well-prepared to be competitive students and great leaders in the finest institutions across the globe.

At GTT, we are in the business of developing trailblazers. Trailblazers are way makers, innovators – forging new paths in unchartered territories. At GTT, we believe that no one can be you the way you can and we are here to help you identify your unique gifts and talents and blaze your own trail and define success your way!