Managing College Consultant (MCC)

Job Information

Location: Remote

Experience Needed

  • Provide weekly college consulting advice and essay support to students around the globe
  • Work at least three to five hours per week
  • Experience of at least 2-5 years of college consulting work (ideally in the admissions office of an elite undergraduate institution)
  • (Mandatory) The management of Senior College Consultants

Job Description

GTT creates mutually beneficial partnerships with schools, non-profits and government agencies to give students a powerful combination of “360 College Consulting” support along with superior college essay development skills.

360 College Consulting is the proprietary training method utilized at GTT to not only provide traditional college consulting support but life skills in students which will allow each client to become more self-sufficient and self-aware of themselves and the world around them.

As a Managing College Consultant (MCC), you will provide comprehensive college consulting advice to students along with essay feedback.  All Managing College Consultants will be trained in the “360 College Consulting” method, which has been proven to develop the skills and traits such as “grit” and “determination” that allow for greater chances of success both in the college admissions process as well as life after college. 

The ideal candidate is a college graduate from an elite undergraduate institution whom has worked in the admissions office of an elite undergraduate institution for 2 to 5 years.  This individual not only has a desire to work with young people who have the resources to pay for college support but a drive to also give back to those unable to do so as well. At GTT we have a triple bottom line where we focus on 1) profit generation for GTT, 2) giving back to disadvantaged communities and 3) creating a sustainable world by cutting down on needless waste.

Want to join our team? We’d love to hear your passion!

GTT is an innovative college consulting company which seeks to create a cadre of “conscious” college consultants who know that the financial “bottom line” is not the only metric to gauge success. Our consultants have a desire to transform the lives of the clients they serve thereby creating a better world than the one which currently exists. If these values resonate with you then we welcome your application!

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